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Part 3: Zoos

I think that zoos do have an important and unique role in terms of conservation and wildlife education. While I do think there are many ways of protecting animals within their natural environments, zoos have shown in the past that they do provide some benefits. Continue reading “Part 3: Zoos”


Part 3: Oceans

Chantal Vachon and Josie Cooke participating in an ocean cleanup initiative on the Nosy Komba MPA. Turtle Cove, Madagascar, 2017.

Continue reading “Part 3: Oceans”

Part 3: Food

By eating less intensively farmed meat, we can make use of the energy from the sun more efficiently, preventing energy expenditure in not only raising meat, but packaging, processing and transporting it, sometimes over huge distances.”

– Dr. Kathryn Senior, journalist for science, medicine, environment and business.
Continue reading “Part 3: Food”

Part 2: Investigating the Options and End Fate of My Household’s E-Waste

“The MTS My Trade-In program means old handsets – even those that have been put through the wringer – don’t have to be left sitting in a drawer when it’s time to upgrade. The “My Trade-In” gives these devices new life and keeps them out of landfills.”

Paul Norris, MTS Vice President, Brand & Consumer Marketing. (2014) Continue reading “Part 2: Investigating the Options and End Fate of My Household’s E-Waste”

Part 2: Week Purchase Analysis

Screening Criteria

Good: positive social interaction and necessary purchases
Bad: wasteful consumption and commodities with that have a negative environmental impact and are not a necessity
Ugly: negative environmental impact that is a necessity Continue reading “Part 2: Week Purchase Analysis”

Part 2: Investigating the Chemicals in my Personal Care Products

Currently my daily use of self care products consist of: Continue reading “Part 2: Investigating the Chemicals in my Personal Care Products”

Part 2: Action

I was unable to participate in the Jack Frost challenges so instead a classmate and I met up over reading week to go ice skating at the Forks Red River Mutual Trail. Continue reading “Part 2: Action”

Part 1: Slow Movement

The Slow Movement podcast that I chose to listen to was “Slow Furniture in a Fast World” and focused on a furniture company, PINCH, created by Oona Bannon and Russel Pinch, that “celebrates simplicity of form, the purity of a good shape and our emotional connection with the materials around us.” Continue reading “Part 1: Slow Movement”

Part 4: (1) Human Environment Connections

What Promotes Human Connection to Nature?
In a time where technology interacts with just about all aspects of human life, labelling it as the problem between building a strong connection between humans and nature is quite pessimistic. Continue reading “Part 4: (1) Human Environment Connections”

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